ALERT: FBI Insider EXPOSES Deadly Truth About Political Correctness

ALERT: FBI Insider EXPOSES Deadly Truth About Political Correctness


Political correctness is not just an assault on the truth — it is an assault on the safety of all Americans.

Dennis Michael Lynch sat down with retired FBI Special Agent Cesar Paz to discuss the problems facing the FBI. According to Paz, political correctness is a major blind spot for the Bureau and plagues the “upper management.” (viaDennis Michael Lynch)

The former FBI agent explains that attacks will be missed because leaders of the agency are more concerned with political ideology than protecting Americans.

Paz was also highly critical of former FBI Director James Comey, who he claims tarnished the reputation of the agency when he became involved in politics.

The retired special agent explains how he immigrated to America from El Salvador in an attempt to escape the communism and socialism that was tearing his country apart.

Yet, when he arrived in America he was amazed to discover that one of our major parties outwardly embraces socialism and secretly supports communism.

“Mr. Comey, in my opinion, has sold his soul to a political ideology. And that should have never happened,” explains Paz, insinuating that Comey is a liberal Democrat.

Paz ultimately agrees with President Trump’s assessment of James Comey. Comey was a stain on the FBI and all of the agents are happy that he no longer represents them.

Dennis Michael Lynch asked the retired agent what is preventing the FBI from combating Islamic terror. Special Agent Paz had a clear answer: immigration. He explains, “If you think that we can vet all those refugees that are out there in refugee camps… you are absolutely wrong.”

Paz also explains that the FBI is simply not equipped to deal with open borders. The agents are already spread too thin and it would be impossible to track everyone currently on a terror watch list let alone every refugee liberals demand we bring into our country.

Cesar Paz is ultimately left with hope. He hopes the new FBI director can restore the integrity of the top police force and focus on catching criminals instead of playing politics.

Hopefully, President Trump is listening to the retired agent. We need the new FBI director to stand up against political correctness and the endless tide of Islamic immigration.

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