Americans FURIOUS to Learn That Illegal Immigrants Are Getting 100 Percent Of...

Americans FURIOUS to Learn That Illegal Immigrants Are Getting 100 Percent Of Their…


As Americans, we have the right to get a fair shot at EVERYTHING in life. But while we have had it drilled into our heads that “white privilege” is a problem, other kinds of actual “privilege” exist.

Let’s take a look at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Most students at this university pay approximately $50,000 a year; $70,000 if you are an international student. But a sickening “rule” was recently announced at Emory that allows UNDOCUMENTED undergraduates to attend their college with all — that’s right, ALL — of their tuition and other financial needs covered while attending the school (via Breitbart).

Can someone explain to us why you get a potential $200,000-plus free ride for breaking the law? This story may be — bar none — one of the most disgusting stories we have EVER heard. We cannot even begin to wrap out minds around what they are thinking, even after reading their direct quotes.

Megan McRainey, a spokeswoman for Emory, had this to say: “Emory accepts undocumented students for admission and financial aid,” in an attempt to foster a sense of belonging and welcoming for “students, faculty, and staff from diverse backgrounds.” You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see what a moronic statement McRainey made.

Someone needs to sit McRainey down and explain to her that there is a difference between having a diverse background on staff and allowing illegal immigrants to go to your school for FREE. A simple welcome letter would have worked just fine.

This is an example of “illegal privilege” at its absolute best. There are people who are graduating from college at 24 and paying back their loans until they are pushing 50-years-old. Undocumented people get out of school at 24 and don’t have to pay one single cent.

If you are here ILLEGALLY, you are a criminal, plain and simple. There is no debate. You are breaking the law and need to be sent back to your country of origin, not coddled and allowed access to everything you want in the world while the rest of us scratch and fight to reach our goals.

It is also worth mentioning that NOTHING is “free,” despite the label put on it by Democrats and Progressives. The illegals never have to worry about carrying the cost, but EVERYONE else — American citizens and those foreign nationals here legally — is footing the bill.  The teachers need to be paid, the property needs to be cared for, and supplies such as books and tablets need to be purchased.

There is no magical money tree; no one is miraculously able to care for their family by “doing good deeds,” and as far as we know, colleges are not able to clean themselves. President Trump is doing the right thing for the hard-working teachers, paying students, and taxpayers by getting these undocumented people OUT of here.

Sadly, schools like Emory will continue to be a bright beacon to illegals, giving them a reason to keep coming back here, illegally. It is going to take some time, but we WILL rid this country of people who DO NOT DESERVE to be here.

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