BREAKING: Professor FIRED For Being White Just Got The PERFECT Revenge

BREAKING: Professor FIRED For Being White Just Got The PERFECT Revenge


There’s nothing like watching liberals get a taste of their own medicine. It really is satisfying to see them get BURNED by the rules they create to take advantage of others.

In St. Louis, Missouri, an appeals court has upheld a racial discrimination award worth MILLIONS of dollars to a university professor who was fired for nothing more than being white (via Courthouse News)! Justice never tasted so sweet.

Elizabeth Wilkins was just going about her business as a professor at Harris-Stowe State University in Missouri. But then the college administration decided they wanted to make their school “more black.” Wilkins didn’t fit in with that agenda.

So the university gave her the ax citing “inappropriate activities” as the reason for her termination. Facing that situation a lot of teachers would have bowed down to the idol of political correctness. Instead, Wilkins decided to fight.

She took Harris-Stowe to court, winning a total of $4.9 million in damages. The university fought back, claiming the state law Wilkins cited in her case was irrelevant, but the court of appeals sided with Wilkins, basing their decision on reason for once. It upheld the lower court decision and now Harris-Stowe is going to have to pay up!

This is great news for Elizabeth Wilkins. Without winning this case, her future would have been grim. Wilkins was planning to teach into her seventies, but the baseless firing for “inappropriate activities” ruined her academic reputation. It was impossible for her to get recommendations for a new job anywhere.

That’s the sick thing about these social justice warriors. They don’t care whose lives they destroy in their pursuit of “diversity” (which to them means no white people). They have no sense of ethics or morality. In fact, they ENJOY ruining the lives of successful whites.

Professor Wilkins just stuck a big stake in the heart of liberal university culture. Of course, a good portion of the money she was awarded will go to legal fees. But even after that, she’s going to have plenty of cash on her hands. Harris-Stowe will certainly feel the loss of $4.9 million.

That’s how we need to hit these Leftists; where they really feel the pain is in their pocket books. They may have completely perverted our language to fit their politically correct vision, but they still understand the language of money. Now that they realize they can lose huge sums of cash trying to harm innocent white people, they’ll think twice before inventing bogus charges.

All across America, free speech is being threatened on university campuses. Schools like Berkely allow liberal fanatics to commit violence in order to scare away conservative speakers. Places like Evergreen State College encourage their student bodies to run around openly intimidating white students and teachers. And even Harvard now has segregated into “black only” graduation ceremonies!

The liberal infiltration and takeover of all education, including higher education, is part of the reason Democrats have been so successful over the last century. No one with common sense would believe in liberalism, so they brainwash kids from the time they’re young up to college.

If we want to end their corrupting influence our leaders need to go after the schools that restrict free speech. Cut off their funding if need be! The swamp isn’t just in Washington. It’s in our schools. Time to drain it!

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