Guess Who Funded ‘One Of The Largest Money Laundering’ Political Machines In...

Guess Who Funded ‘One Of The Largest Money Laundering’ Political Machines In US History!


The Democrats are the party of corruption. Whenever they oppose President Trump, they oppose all of us. The Democrats are trying to stop Americans from taking their country back.

One rising star in the Republican Party, Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR), raised the alarm about the Clinton Foundation, calling it “one of the largest money-laundering and influence peddling operations in the world” (via The Washington Times).

Hillary Clinton exists as clearly above the law. During the 2016 General Election, Clinton was subject to at least four ongoing criminal investigations, yet she still walks the streets free.

Tom Cotton serves on the Senate Intelligence Committee and explained that — if Clinton had won the election — she most likely would have brought her money-laundering scheme to the White House.

The two party nominees in last year’s election were a bellwether of the battle that will be waged for the next eight years between President Trump and the Washington Establishment.

Hillary Clinton represented corruption and the Washington elite. Life-long politicians, the Clinton’s have been embroiled in scandal after scandal since Bill was governor of Arkansas in the 1980s.

Hillary has never seen a deal too dirty that she couldn’t embrace, and it looks like she funded her campaign through illegal campaign donations from foreign governments demanding future promises and quid pro quo.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, represented We the People. Trump never wanted to be a politician and only entered into the primaries because all other the other Republicans vying for the nomination were lacking.

Trump made his fortune honestly in the private sector; he was not the most polished politician, but he was the only man capable of taking on the Clinton machine. The battle was between the swamp (represented by Clinton) and the people (represented by Trump).

The people won and President Trump went to Washington to represent us. However, winning the election was just the beginning. Clinton-style corruption is the norm in Washington, D.C., and both parties are filled with traitors to the American people.

Now, President Trump is fighting off swamp monsters on a daily basis. The elite are desperate to obstruct our president in order to maintain their stranglehold on power.

That is why President Trump is hated more by the media and politicians than any other elected official — Republican or otherwise. The elites are terrified because they know their reign is coming to an end.

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