WATCH: Denzel Washington BLOWS Liberals’ Minds When Reporter Asks Him to Bash...

WATCH: Denzel Washington BLOWS Liberals’ Minds When Reporter Asks Him to Bash Trump


Denzel Washington flatly refuses to be a pawn for the Democrats’ race-baiting agenda.

Reporters cornered the Academy Award-winning actor while he was promoting his latest film “Fences” demanding an answer to who the black celebrity voted for. Washington refused to answer and simply responded, “None of your business.”

The reporter persisted and attempted to bait Washington into taking a political stance a second time. Washington was asked which political issue was most important to him.

“I dunno, you know, I would have to be more informed,” replied Washington with a show of honesty and humility rarely observed in liberal Hollywood.

So many Hollywood celebrities extend their inflated sense of self-worth to their uneducated political opinions, assuming they know best despite having no knowledge on the topic.

Washington, on the other hand, remained calm and cool. He refused to get tangled into the heated political web into which modern politics has deformed.

Zero for two, the liberal reporter attempted to bait Washington a third time, asking him whether or not he thinks race relations have improved under Obama.

Here, Washington dropped the truth bomb. Refusing to endorse Obama or his agenda, Washington explained, “The president of the United States can’t legislate us into liking each other. We have to step forward and ask questions about each other and engage.”

Denzel Washington was wise not to directly answer any of the reporter’s questions, but what he did say made it clear the actor was no fan of Barack Obama. Instead, Washington appeared to prefer the conservative approach of dealing with race issues on an individualistic level instead of relying on the government.

Washington deftly handled himself in front of the race-baiting reporter and refused to fall into his trap. If the actor answered any of those questions, he would have run the risk of angered millions of Americans.

Instead, Washington just wants to keep his head down and do his job. He is an actor first and foremost. We should support Washington because he is a good actor and respects the people enough to acknowledge that opposing opinions exist.

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