JUST IN: Comey Implicated In Sickening Crime Against America. Should He Be...

JUST IN: Comey Implicated In Sickening Crime Against America. Should He Be Prosecuted?


Despite a complete lack of evidence — and now an attempted massacre that can be directly tied to it, the Trump-Russia conspiracy has yet to fully die out. Now, Democrats have moved on to simply accusing President Trump of “obstructing justice,” a charge first made by former FBI Director James Comey.

However, under-reported by the media is the fact that a former U.S. intelligence contractor is suing the bureau for illegally spying on American citizens. Dennis Montgomery claims that he has in his possession 600 million classified documents proving that Comey’s FBI violated the Constitution (via Circa).

If the full facts of this case are made public, the Obama administration could be brought to court.

After all, it was under Obama that Comey’s FBI allegedly spied on politicians and judges (via Allen B. West).

Montgomery’s case has the potential of being a more explosive story than the more famous case of Edward Snowden. Thanks to Snowden, we learned that the National Security Administration collected “metadata” from most, if not all, U.S. citizens.

The idea maintained by the government has always been that the NSA and other administrations received judicial approval before conducting such massive searches. Montgomery’s lawsuit claims otherwise, accusing the U.S. government of circumventing the Fourth Amendment.

Despite Montgomery’s claims — and the fact that the lawsuit has been known since at least March, Congress seems hesitant to force Comey or any Obama-era official answer questions related to it (via Newsmax).

Again, it should be underscored that this case could reveal that the Obama administration officially sanctioned illegal activity.

We know that Susan Rice most likely received very high-level approval for her decision to use the NSA and other intelligence networks to spy on Trump Tower and “wiretap” Trump’s phones (via The Hill).

We also know that under Obama the IRS directly targeted conservative groups for financial harassment. While the administration tried to pass this off as the tactics of a rogue operation in Cincinnati, it is unlikely that such actions would be taken without Obama’s approval.

By the way, Barbara Bosserman, the Justice Department prosecutor who decided to drop the case, donated $6,750 to the Democratic National Committee (via Daily Signal). 

It is clear that Obama oversaw a Stasi-like state where political enemies and average citizens were routinely spied on by the federal government.

The only question left to answer is just how far the Obama administration went in order to keep itself in power.

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