ALERT: There Was Another Liberal Shooting This Week, But The Media Refused...

ALERT: There Was Another Liberal Shooting This Week, But The Media Refused to Report It


The Left has done nothing but attack our freedoms for years. It has been bubbling for a while and we have now hit a boiling point.

Everyone thought we hit this point when a left-wing gunman attacked a GOP baseball practice recently. In actuality, it may have occurred just one day before.  According to The Washington Examiner,  shots were fired in Indiana at a truck with a “Make America Great Again” flag on it. It seems liberals are TRYING to systematically destroy us.

It all started when the Left went after our freedom of speech. They sought to tell us what we could and could not say on a regular basis. If THEY didn’t like our language, they would whine until someone told us to stop. NOW they have the audacity to try and attack us?

We are troubled to report that this story broke after a man in a Chevrolet Malibu drove up next to the truck on 1-465, leaned out the window, and opened fire on the vehicle. LUCKILY no injuries were reported. If this shooting is any sign of the things to come, we all need to make sure we have our concealed carry permits and continue to stay ready for ANYTHING.

Liberals are doing more than bashing our opinions and whining — many are bringing physical violence to the table and are showing us they are willing to KILL for their political ideology.

Isn’t it ironic that the most privileged group of people are trying to kill everyone else for not liking how they feel politically? Wait, we thought they said Donald Trump was a “fascist”. Weird.

When you go from ZERO attacks of this kind to two in one week, it is time to be cautious. If the Left wants to get the best of us, they are going to have to try a lot harder than that. Every single patriot in this country is willing to stand up and defend themselves against such unproved violence.

Not surprisingly, we have noticed a lot of liberals  shying away from the gun control debate now that it is THEIR party encouraging violence. The Democrats have NO regard for anyone but themselves.

What ever happened to having honest and open debates? No one wants to have a discussion with anyone on the Left because they act like animals. They don’t want to talk to anyone because they would rather screech about how oppressed they are and how it is ALL OUR FAULT.

In today’s day and age, personal responsibility is a thing of the past. No one is worried about whether or not THEIR actions are harmful. Instead, Democrats want to focus on what EVERYONE else is doing, and don’t you DARE offer them any criticism. If you do, you are probably a “racist” who deserves to be shot… at least in their opinion.

We need to start getting ready, folks. It is bad enough that we have to worry about terrorist attacks from Islamic extremists. Now we have to worry about being attacked by people who were born and raised on OUR soil.

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