BREAKING: Trump Asked The PERFECT Question – No Liberal Can Answer THIS

BREAKING: Trump Asked The PERFECT Question – No Liberal Can Answer THIS


The Washington Establishment is engaging in the biggest witch hunt in American history against President Donald Trump. The Special Counsel is a trap meant to come up with damning evidence, by hook or by crook.

No one speaks the truth like President Trump himself. In a tweet, he put forth the common sense question no one in Congress is asking: Why is he being investigated for his non-dealings with Russia while Hillary’s and the Democrats’ very real dealings are not? (via The Washington Examiner)


It’s a perfect case of double standards. Any objective observer can see the entire situation has no other purpose than to discredit and remove the president. Why else would there be no action against Hillary when she did the very things Trump is being accused of?

Do the Democrats really want to talk about obstruction of justice? What else would you call destroying phones with a hammer and deleting emails, not to mention Bill Clinton meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch secretly in the middle of an investigation?

And now we have former FBI Director James Comey on tape admitting that the Obama Justice Department asked him to publicly lie about the Hillary Clinton investigation, falsely calling it a “matter” to avoid swaying the election.

Clinton, Obama, and all their Democrat associates worked together in a world-class cover-up. “Obstruction of justice” doesn’t even begin to describe it. Why aren’t congressional Republicans doing anything about the Obama Administration?

Remember, if Democrats accuse you of something, they’re doing it themselves. That’s never been truer than it is right now and, in this case, the Democrat Party is steeping in corruption and crooked Hillary is at the epicenter of the crimes.

President Trump is on shaky ground right now. He’s surrounded by snakes. We already know Robert Mueller has it in for him. Mueller is a good friend of James Comey and wants to avenge his pal. It’s why he’s appointed a legal team of Hillary Clinton loyalists.

The Democrats are frothing at the mouth for an opportunity to find “evidence” of a Trump-Russia collusion. They want to use this “evidence” to impeach him. Robert Mueller is just the person to give them what they want. While there’s no evidence of something that never happened, you can’t put it past hard core Leftists to invent facts when it suits their purposes.

Then you have the useful idiots: many of our congressional Republicans. They’re not doing anything to stop the plot against Donald Trump. Secretly, they’re working hand-in-hand with Democrats. Several Republicans in Congress are bought by the same globalist interests as their Leftist colleagues. It’s all one big “uni-party” uniting to remove our duly-elected president.

President Trump has to act fast. He must FIRE Robert Mueller and put an end to these pointless investigations. Then he must start real investigations into Hillary’s crimes. Her treasonous activities while Secretary of State need to be punished!

We can’t let the establishment defeat Trump. He may be the only person in Washington, D.C., who truly cares about the interests of the American people. If we lose him, we lose our country.

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