WАTCH – Аndеrsоn Cооpеr LОSЕS IT Аfter Hеаring Thе TRUTH Аbоut Trump

WАTCH – Аndеrsоn Cооpеr LОSЕS IT Аfter Hеаring Thе TRUTH Аbоut Trump


It was a sight to behold. Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz schooled Anderson Cooper and the CNN crew over presidential authority.

Professor Dershowitz crushed the mainstream media narrative that President Trump obstructed justice. “It is simply not a crime for the president to exercise his constitutional authority to pardon [or] to direct the FBI,” he said.

Anderson Cooper’s sour face was visible from space. The very fake news host made a huge mistake by inviting a real lawyer onto his show.

Shortly after being fired by President Trump, former FBI Director James Comey leaked a “memo” (which no one has seen) to the press insinuating that President Trump obstructed justice.

Comey alleged that President Trump expressed concern about the investigation into former national security advisor Michael Flynn, who was being investigated for potentiality “colluding” with the Russian government.

According to Comey, President Trump said, “I hope you can let this go,” referring to the FBI’s investigation into Flynn. Comey also alleged that Trump demanded his loyalty.

The memo has not been verified and former Director Comey failed to turn it over to Justice Department upon request. Trump denies the unproven accusations, and rightly so.

However, according to Dershowitz, even if we pretend that the memo does exist — and we pretend that every accusation in it is true — President Trump still did not violate the law. Dershowitz explains that the president has certain powers allowing him to direct the investigations of the FBI.

Trump, like all previous presidents, has the power to pardon and the power to fire the director of the FBI. It simply would not have been against the law for Trump to direct Comey to cease his investigation into Michael Flynn, no matter how distasteful.

Anderson Cooper was visibly upset over Dershowitz’s explanation. The fake news host has been peddling lies about President Trump for months and Dershowitz undid all his hard work in one fell swoop.

Comey’s accusations are, in all likelihood, an act of revenge against his former boss with no basis in truth. However, Dershowitz explanation should slow the spinning wheels of the vicious mainstream media rumor-mill.