WATCH: Mike Huckabee Issues Urgent Warning About Plot Against Trump. Warn Your...

WATCH: Mike Huckabee Issues Urgent Warning About Plot Against Trump. Warn Your Friends.


The news cycle over the last months has been dominated by one leak after another. The fake news media is thriving thanks to illegal information provided by anonymous sources from within the federal government.

Although these leaks never reveal any substantial evidence about a supposed “Trump-Russia collusion,” they keep the public in constant commotion. Gov. Mike Huckabee warns: these leaks are meant to discredit Trump and cripple his agenda. “This is as close to a coup d’état as going to see without the use of weapons. That’s what I believe this is about,” he said. (via Fox News)

The madness has gotten so out of hand that Trump himself took to Twitter to blast the SICK Democrats and establishment media running this propaganda campaign. The President called this entire fiasco a “witch hunt” and asked why there isn’t this much attention given to the real obstruction of justice executed by Hillary Clinton.

But the Left is giving it their all, fanning the flames of a conspiracy theory for which there is no evidence. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who was a loyal Trump surrogate throughout the 2016 campaign, told FOX News that Trump needs to stay alert.

“Let’s ask ourselves: Why is it happening? It’s happening to discredit and to completely distract Donald Trump from being President of the United States.”

Huckabee is spot-on. That is the only purpose of these bogus Russia claims. Trump’s detractors know they’re never going to pin anything even remotely definitive on him. The point is to create enough false narrative bias to have people believe it’s true. It is then they can justify removing Trump from office.

That’s why the media hysteria is so important for the Left. Getting rid of a democratically-elected President under false pretenses is no small matter. It would be too much for the American people — even for most ordinary Democrats.

Thus, the Left has to brainwash enough Americans into believing the lies. They want to get public opinion on their side before they take concrete action against Trump. Otherwise, they risk the backlash of the people.

For this reason, it’s absolutely important we stand with our president! There’s a large chunk of the population that is hopelessly hypnotized by the Democrats. The Truth is this. We don’t need them to further an America First agenda. After all, we didn’t need them to win the election. All Trump needs to achieve his campaign promises is his loyal base. The goal of the establishment, then, is to separate Trump from his base.

We can’t let them get to us! The fake news media often runs stories claiming Trump has “sold out” his supporters — that he’s “backtracked” on his campaign promises and gone “mainstream.” Don’t believe any of it. Think about it for a minute. If Trump was really abandoning his campaign promises, wouldn’t the Left be happy with him? Wouldn’t they stop attacking him if they loved what he was doing?

It’s a ploy! The primary mission of progressives is to impeach and remove Donald Trump. They will stop at nothing to achieve it. Even if it means lying, stealing, or committing violence. You can’t put anything past Leftists.

As Gov. Huckabee says, the Democrats lost the election. They’re losing on policy evidenced by the incredible gains in the markets and a rebounding economy. All they have left is mass media dishonesty. Ignore them and their power crumbles!

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