WATCH: Oliver Stone Drops TRUTH BOMB On Obama’s “Shadow Government” Leakers

WATCH: Oliver Stone Drops TRUTH BOMB On Obama’s “Shadow Government” Leakers


While the sane half of the country is still scratching our heads, the Left is continuing their assault on President Trump. Filmmaker Oliver Stone has had ENOUGH, and so have we.

During a recent interview with Tucker Carlson, Stone spoke about the shadow government that is still out to get President Trump. He referred to this president and said, “That’s as hostile as it’s EVER been in a transition.” Stone went on to say that we need solid evidence before making bold claims about Trump and Russia.

Considering Stone just wrapped up a four-hour documentary on Vladimir Putin, he would have some insight on this. He is of the opinion that none of the intelligence communities who are making these BOLD claims have any evidence to back up what they are saying about Trump.

Stone expressed his shock at what the CIA, FBI, and NSA are doing in their attacks on Trump. They keep trying to say that Russia “hacked” the U.S. election and stole it from Hillary Clinton. The only problem with their claim is they cannot cite one single piece of evidence supporting them.

The intelligence communities seem to be set on taking down President Trump, and we know why. Many of the people in those organizations are left-leaning. Despite the fact that political affiliation should have no bearing on intelligence, in this case, it DOES.

If the testimony of James Comey taught us anything, it is that there IS influence from politicians in the intelligence agencies. Comey spoke of an event where Loretta Lynch cornered him and asked if could stop calling Hillary’s email scandal an “investigation,” and instead call it a “matter”.

The attempt to lie is so obvious, so blatantly disrespectful to the American people, that we cannot figure out how she isn’t in prison right now. You cannot meet with former presidents, come out and pressure Comey into downplaying the severity of national security issues, then act as nothing happened.

Stone went on to explain that he feels like Trump has been slapped in the face. He is correct: Trump has been slapped around by the media and other liberal crybabies since before even winning the election. As you can see, he is still standing strong and WILL NOT back down against the people trying to discredit him.

If only the Left were this persistent about uncovering the secrets of ALL of our presidents. We remember when Obama was in office — you couldn’t say anything bad about him or you were labeled a “racist”. Now if you say something GOOD about President Trump, you are a “racist.” There is NO WINNING with these people.

We are done catering to the snowflake Left. They need to learn to step up and deal with the consequences of their actions. No more lies and no more nonsense; the TRUTH needs to be exposed. People like Stone are delivering powerful messages to the people in the deep state. He is letting them know that we KNOW what they are doing, and they WILL NOT get away with this.

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