Liberals Serve Muslim Refugees Ramadan Meal, 600 Vomit When They Realize What...

Liberals Serve Muslim Refugees Ramadan Meal, 600 Vomit When They Realize What They Ate


Hoping to feel morally superior, a liberal charity group headed to a refugee camp and served hundreds of Muslims their celebratory iftar meal after Ramadan fasting ended that evening. However, instead of getting the thanks they wanted, they were horrified as hundreds of refugees began vomiting when they realized what they had ingested.

While liberals are quick to shame conservatives for opposing flooding our nations with millions of Muslim migrants who detest our values and laws, they certainly have trouble delivering when they are asked to practice the charity they preach. In fact, most liberals who’ve campaigned diligently for refugee resettlement hypocritically refuse to offer up their money or spare bedroom for these new arrivals. Of course, the few leftists who actually do put their beliefs to work often find that they do more damage than good.

In an attempt to respect Muslim culture and religious law, UK-based charity Help the Needy Charitable Trust decided to serve 2,000 Muslim asylum seekers their required iftar, the meal upon which Muslim gorge themselves after all-day fasting during Ramadan. The charity headed to the Hasansham U2 refugee camp, which houses 6,235 refugees in Iraq, nearly every one of them Muslim.

The charity distributed traditional plates of yogurt, rice, chicken legs, and tomato sauce as thousands of famished Muslims chowed down. Unfortunately, the charity had served food from a halal Islamic restaurant with severely unsanitary conditions, giving over 800 Muslims food poisoning in one sitting.

The Daily Mail reports that 2 people have died after at least 800 Muslims contracted food poisoning after being fed contaminated foods that met halal standards. Around 300 Muslims were rushed to the hospital with dangerous symptoms including vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach pains not long after ingesting the meals.

“Ten of my family were poisoned,” said a black-clad woman with an intravenous drip in her arm. “It was rice, tomato sauce and chicken legs.”

“We threw up on the floor, I felt severe pain in the stomach, the doctors came at night but some remained in serious condition till morning,” said a young man at the camp.

Although the International Organization for Migration confirmed that a woman and child have died, the UN vehemently denies that there have been any casualties from the food they provided. Instead, the UN blamed the local restaurant, claiming that it was a Qatari aid group that paid for the meals and chose the location, according to CNN. Incredibly, the UN opened the camp only one month ago and has already been forced to offer free medical treatment to hundreds of its inhabitants in the same night.

The outbreak is so severe that the Iraqi police have opened an investigation into the cause. The UNHCR, which is the same refugee agency group that has confirmed that 72 percent of refugees to Europe are men, are spending thousands of dollars in an attempt to remedy the situation.

Because Muslims fast from both food and water during the month’s daytime hours and eat large portions after sundown, their bodies’ ability to combat food poisoning was already weakened. This along with the intense dry heat provided dangerous conditions, especially for children who took part in the religious fasting at their parents’ approval.

Ironically, this isn’t the first time that the UN has accidentally poisoned its own refugees. In October 2015, the UN sent hundreds of boxes of moldy biscuits that were past their expiration date to refugees in Syria. The incident caused widespread food poisoning, leaving around 200 residents in need of emergency medical treatment.

The UN has proven what conservatives have long warned — that its overreaching is doing more harm than good. Not only has the UN made certain conditions for refugees worse but it continues to force Western countries to resettle millions of Muslims who are posing as displaced people and fining those who refuse. The UN’s ultimatum is changing the face of the West, causing it to lose its culture and values at a rapid pace. Before long, it will be European non-Muslims who are the refugees being pushed out of their own countries by the relentless Islamization of the West.