Wednesday, September 26, 2018
Kilmeade Made A Surprising Statement About Trump Julius Caesar Play, Is He...

Kilmeade Made A Surprising Statement About Trump Julius Caesar Play, Is He Right?


Liberals in New York City have manufactured controversy by staging a production of William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar in public Central Park where the title character, who is of course assassinated, wears a Trump style suit and has Trump style blonde hair.

On one hand, free speech is an extremely important part of our American society. On another hand, it is clear how efforts like this to deliberately rile up liberals and stoke their anger has resulted in tragedies like the shooting attack on Congressman Steve Scalise and other Republican lawmakers. Fox News host Brian Kilmeade made his point of view clear about how conservatives should respond to the production.

Kilmeade is reacting to a conservative protester who rushed the stage at Julius Caesar and shouted “Liberal hate kills!” Said Brian on Fox & Friends, “I don’t think it was right when the cast [of Hamilton] was yelling at Mike Pence. I don’t think it’s right when you see a lot of these guys screaming at Republicans. Just let them do Shakespeare in the Park. Do your display outside the actual play itself, and don’t interrupt the play. … I don’t think you should take a play from the disruptor’s playbook. … I don’t think it’s right for the audience to rush the stage.”

Fox News Politics Editor Chris Stirewalt agreed with Kilmeade’s statement on Outnumbered, saying, “We are doing a very poor job as a civilization right now. We — it — this is almost as disheartening to me, what’s happening there, and what’s happening when people can’t give a lecture on a college campus, what’s happening in all of these spaces. There is no mute function on life. … And the reality is, you are going to hear things that you find offensive, and that is the cost. That is what comes. That is the price.”

He continued, “Our Supreme Court has just taken one of the strongest stands ever on the First Amendment. This is the strongest First Amendment court. We are hearing today, hate speech is protected. The Washington Redskins can call themselves the Redskins, and you can’t stop them. All of these things are rolling out from a Supreme Court that is trying to affirm, hey people, in a free society, you will be offended. you have a right — the government cannot infringe your speech, but you do not have a right to not be offended. So, cut it out.” Do you think Kilmeade and Stirewalt are right? Or do you support the protesters?