Al Sharpton Posts ‘Selfie’ So Weird That Even Democrats Are Laughing At...

Al Sharpton Posts ‘Selfie’ So Weird That Even Democrats Are Laughing At Him, “He Looks Like A ___”


Famous race-baiter Al Sharpton posted a very awkward “selfie” of himself on Instagram with the caption: “real_sharptonHappy Father’s Day!! Headed to workout at dawn, then I’m live on Politics Nation w/Al Sharpton at 8 am/et on MSNBC, then on my national radio show from 9-10 am, and then I preach the 9 30 and 11 30 am services at Metropolitan Baptist Church in Newark, NJ. Thank God for energy and purpose as I celebrate another Father’s Day.”

The photo makes his head look huge and like he has the body of a little boy. People, even Democrats started making fun of Sharpton on twitter. “Al Sharpton looks like a prison inmate, trying to convince his pen pal to come thru for a conjugal visit,” wrote film producer and media personality Tariq Nasheed.

“Al Sharpton look like a 12 year old in his P.E clothes for 3rd period,” wrote another user. Al Sharpton blamed the photo on President Trump. Naturally.

“I live in the Trump era. So if he can tweet at night, I can selfie before I got to the gym in the morning, and don’t be jealous because I’m so fit at 62-years-old,” said Al Sharpton in an interview with TMZ about the photo.

Check out the infamous photo below.