Ann Coulter Just Picked A Fight With Sean Hannity, Who Do You...

Ann Coulter Just Picked A Fight With Sean Hannity, Who Do You Agree With?


Conservatives in this embattled era are fighting for a unified cause, although, as with all humans, petty differences and misunderstandings still sometimes get in the way.

Political commentator and best-selling author Ann Coulter recently picked a public fight with Fox News host Sean Hannity over how he dealt with a recent interview she did on his program.

Coulter taped an interview with Sean on Hannity, and before the airing she mentioned it via her Twitter account. Posted Ann, “I’m on @seanhannity at 10 discussing Trump’s ‘rich man’ comment & if Sean cuts ONE WORD of my attack on Goldman Sachs, it will be a scandal.”

Unfortunately for Ann, the interview ran over time and they had to cut some of it to fit program length. Coulter was furious, and posted afterwards, “As expected, @seanhannity totally censored my answer on @realDonaldTrump‘s ‘rich man’ remark (Goldman Sachs). See my column this week!”

 Hannity was clearly angered about being accused of censorship. He posted back, “I have done more to help promote you and your books which I like over the years. No CONSPIRACY. THERE ARE TIME CONSTRAINTS ON TV.” He followed it up by saying, “Ok Ann cut the BS. You were the last guest. I was taping that night. I tried repeatedly to to get you to stay on time. U went over time.” Do you think Ann is right about getting censored, or do you think Hannity was just being practical? Watch the interview below: