Obama’s Tax-Skipping – Audit Shows Millions In Offshore Accounts

Obama’s Tax-Skipping – Audit Shows Millions In Offshore Accounts


Liberals didn’t hesitate to attack Donald Trump regarding his tax returns, but they seem to look away when it comes to their Messiah, former President Barack Obama.

Now, it looks like the last bit of Obama’s legacy is about to be destroyed with one of the most controversial stories of the last decade showing that “Royalty Payments for Obamacare” to the sum of $411 million has been paid by the US Treasury to three offshore (tax-haven) accounts under the name of Barry Soetoro, LCC.

Few people know it, but when the liberal congress of 2010 passed the Obamacare bill without even reading it, a percentage of the proceeds was automatically routed to the bill’s author, Barack Obama, to cover “expenses and royalties associated with naming the bill.” Reportedly, after the bill was renamed the Affordable Care Act, these payment were officially stopped, reports Freedom’s Final Stand.

Despite Obama having denied many times the existence of the alias Barry Soetoro, the evidence show that someone, behind the naming of ObamaCare is clearly called Barry Soetoro.

The payments that came from the US Treasury were divided into three offshore accounts spread across the Cayman Islands, Ireland and Caledonia.

By transferring his money there, Obama found a way to ‘skip’ paying more than $170 million in taxes that were apparently used to provide all of the free stuff he gave to the inner city folks so they’d re-elect him in 2012. Because of all of that, he ran up a deficit higher than any president in history and quadrupled our debt.

The question is – who is this Barry Soetoro? It is clearly someone of influence who has, so far, successfully avoided paying taxes on the money in the US. That’s almost $170 million in unpaid taxes. We need answers to this NOW!

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