WATCH: Barack Obama’s Hateful Message Exposed By FBI Special Agent

WATCH: Barack Obama’s Hateful Message Exposed By FBI Special Agent


Before President Obama made it into office, our country was better than ever before. We were growing together, loving one another, and making progress — then Obama ruined EVERYTHING!

Retired FBI agent, Cesar Paz, recently went on video to speak about how the world has changed over the past couple of years. He spoke at length about how Obama and everyone in the liberal mainstream media have gone out of their way to incite violence and promote hate in our country. (via Dennis Michael Lynch)

While speaking, Paz went into detail, explaining the chilling parallels between ISIS and the left. “Is there a difference between ISIS members who kill their own people and some of our own people who promote and advocate violence and the destruction of private property?” Paz asked. Liberals get up on their metaphorical soapboxes and preach down to the masses. They both want to resist the American way, and they want to do it violently.

Obama is the MAIN culprit — he promoted hatred throughout his entire eight years in office. The reason the left ate it? Obama was, admittedly, quite good at deceiving people with his speeches. He articulates his words, and speaks them with a smile. He very rarely said anything of substance, but his demeanor was enough to trick people — and he knew it.

Remember when Obama happily praised Black Lives Matters for their fight against “racism,” when in fact, they’re one of the most toxic terrorist organizations in the world? BLM does not want equal rights, because they already have that — they want superiority.

The mainstream media aired a BLM leader’s speech in Chicago, and made it appear as if he claimed the group’s goal was to “stop the violence.” The left cheered in unison. The problem is that the tape was edited — poorly.

If you saw the full clip, you heard the leader saying WE need to stop destroying THEIR property, and encouraging his supporters to essentially invade wealthy white neighborhoods.

The fact that BLM was praised for this speech only furthered their ego and agenda. Now, they can practice what they preach, and no one is going to stand in their way. It’s a disgusting notion, but it IS the reality of the situation. Liberals will not stop until they have complete control of this country — we can NOT let that happen.

Their plans consist of using violence to suppress, and eventually dominate, everyone who doesn’t agree with them. Take a look at the terrorist attack at the GOP baseball practice meet. A cook heard Bernie Sanders speak, took his words literally, and MANY people were tragically impacted because of it. It was so reminiscent of an ISIS attack that it gives us chills, and makes our blood boil.

We CAN come out on top here. The key is to let the left know that we WILL NOT allow them to bully or suppress us anymore. We’re all allowed to have our own opinions, without feeling sorry. It may be an uphill battle, but we WILL come out victoriously.

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