WATCH: Texas Trump Fan Sends EPIC Message To Mainstream Media – It’s...

WATCH: Texas Trump Fan Sends EPIC Message To Mainstream Media – It’s Perfect


It’s always good to see someone coming out to support our president, especially with the way people try to demonize him. This Trump fan came out to show his support in a MASSIVE way.

Kyle Courtney, a Texas native, recently bought a billboard for two reasons. He wanted to show his support for Trump, and SLAM ABC News for betraying him, and the American people. The billboard Courtney bought reads, “ABC News: I grew up with you. We are through. The Russians didn’t elect Donald Trump. I did.” (via Fox News Insider)

What a short, but POWERFUL message. The mainstream media has fallen apart over the past couple of years, but since Trump got elected, they started crumbling exponentially. Instead of covering any kind of real news, they resort to criticizing President Trump any way they possibly can. One of their “go to” options since the election is claiming that Trump and Russia worked together to steal the election.

Insanely enough, despite ALL the countless hours of coverage, there isn’t one single scrap of evidence suggesting that Trump and Russia worked together — for ANY purpose. The media will not admit that they were wrong. They just keep pushing their narrative forward.

If you flip over to any Liberal mainstream media outlet, you will not see them demonstrating any evidence proving that Trump and Russia hacked the election. Instead, you will see a bunch of speculation, but in a tone, that sounds as if they were reporting facts.

During an interview, Courtney let Fox News know why he made the decision to buy the billboard. “ABC News was the only channel I watched as a child growing up in Texas, but I think that they have lost touch with America, and forgotten the working man,” Courtney explained.

He went on to say this has been going on for years. When Bush was in office, everyone treated him like the Antichrist. Finally, Obama made it into office, and suddenly, he was going to be the savior of the free world as we knew it. We saw how well THAT turned out.

The polls show many people are feeling the same way about mainstream media, and messages spread by politicians. A Washington Post poll showed that a stunning 44% of Democrats believe their party no longer cares about their concerns — they have lost their credibility, and are out of touch. Instead of worrying about the people they’re supposed to be representing, they’re working on pushing their agenda, and lining their pockets. It’s about as repulsive as it gets.

CNN and MSNBC let their bias show at every turn. Just last week, both Liberal outlets continued their coverage on the Trump-Russia story, instead of showing the president’s speech in Iowa. If you recall, Trump called them out during the speech, and they turned their cameras off.

Is it any wonder why no one takes them seriously anymore? Liberal mainstream media is a joke.

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