WATCH: Trump Reveals His Brilliant Plan To Take Down Comey In Bombshell...

WATCH: Trump Reveals His Brilliant Plan To Take Down Comey In Bombshell Interview


President Trump just proved that he knows how to use the deep state’s own strategies against them — without even breaking the law!

President Trump tricked former FBI Director Comey into thinking he had tapes of their conversation so that Comey wouldn’t lie during his testimony. (via Fox News Insider)

No one can tell the truth like our president. He’s exactly right. I think of Comey as a snake, and instead of nurturing him so he can later bite you, I think you need to control him, and get rid of him.

The mere suggestion that Trump had tapes of his meeting with Comey effectively neutered the former FBI Director. President Trump took advantage of the deep state’s paranoia, and their constant surveillance.

To former FBI Director Comey, it isn’t farfetched to think someone might be recording him at all times. I’m sure Obama did it to him, with his unhealthy and unethical reliance on surveillance.

President Trump is right to suggest there could be tapes out there, because the deep state is always recording people, and are probably still trying to record Trump himself — at all times.

It’s unethical, and it’s wrong. Maybe now, after Trump made this masterful move, the deep state will think twice about their relationship with domestic surveillance.

President Trump then turned his attention to Robert Mueller, a close friend of Comey’s, who has weaseled his way onto the Special Counsel of the Russian investigation.

Mueller’s inclusion on the Counsel just goes to show that the deep state has truly given up on law and order. Obviously, Mueller is biased, and obviously, he’ll want to protect his friend, Comey.

Even if Mueller does think he could be impartial in the investigation, he should recuse himself, so that no one has reason to doubt the investigation.

That’s what Attorney General Jeff Sessions did for anything involving the Trump campaign. He was involved, so he had to step aside, so that no one could ever imply he tried to steer the investigation.

It’s just the right thing to do. But the deep state doesn’t have any ethics left, and doesn’t even care if We the People know it. Thankfully, President Trump is putting them all in their places, one by one. I bet Mueller is next.

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