BREAKING: Trump’s EPIC Move To Protect Military Members Leaves Media SPEECHLESS

BREAKING: Trump’s EPIC Move To Protect Military Members Leaves Media SPEECHLESS


The constant battle against ISIS and other terrorist organizations in the Middle East, are wars that we WILL win. President Trump just made a decision that will turn the tide in our favor in a HUGE way!

President Trump is giving the ability to make bold military decisions back to the warfighters. The power to make tactical calls is going from the White House to the Pentagon, according to The Hill. This is a huge decision that will give our military the tactical advantage that they NEED in order to secure our victory.

There’s a slew of great benefits to this new system. Now, our ground military will be able to make tactical moves on the fly, without waiting for an unforeseen amount of time for an answer back from the White House. The speedy reaction time will allow our military to fight ISIS fluently, meaning if we get them cornered, they are FINISHED.

Chief strategist, Steve Bannon, spoke with CNN about the decision to transfer the power to our ground military. Bannon assured everyone that Trump has not given up any of the BIG strategic decisions. The president still has a say when it comes to “game changing” decisions, but the smaller decisions are going to be left to the people on the ground.

We think this is a GREAT decision for the president, and our military. Obviously, the top commanders who are working overseas KNOW what needs to be done. They should be allowed to make quick decisions — it could be the difference between a capture and escape.

If our troops spot a group of ISIS members, and some are high ranking, there is no more “wait time.” When the commander makes the call, the team is going to get in there, make the capture, and chalk it up as a victory.

Everyone seems to be thrilled about this plan. It adds a new dimension to our military, and frees up time for President Trump to focus on the country, so our military has the freedom to do their job properly. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

The fact that President Trump made this move is unprecedented. No other Democrat or Republican has ever made a call quite like this before. It’s going to be interesting to see how it all plays out on a long-term scale.

Secretary of Defense, James “Mad Dog” Mattis, approved of the president’s measure as well. Mad Dog stated, “No longer will we have slowed decision cycles because Washington, D.C., has to authorize tactical movements on the ground.” He continued, “I have absolute confidence, as does the president, our commander in chief, in the commanders on the ground.” Well said, Mattis!

The next couple of years are going to be interesting for us on the military front. This decision by the president may help us put an end to the Islamic extremists once and for all. We have to wonder, if that happens, what will the Left have to complain about next?

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