Muslim Migrants Gang Rape 13-Year-Old, Prepare For 2nd Victim When Worst Nightmare...

Muslim Migrants Gang Rape 13-Year-Old, Prepare For 2nd Victim When Worst Nightmare Arrives

A man carries a fire torch during the annual Spanish holiday of San Juan (left); image for visual representation only (right).

When a group of opportunistic migrants learned that throngs of women and children would be gathering at the beach to celebrate the Spanish festival of San Juan, they couldn’t help themselves. Knowing there would be young and helpless victims at the ready, they headed out to gang rape a vulnerable 13-year-old girl. However, just as the assailants were preparing to assault their second victim, their worst nightmare showed up out of nowhere.

During the San Juan festival in the holiday hotspot of Alicante, a 13-year-old girl was gang-raped by a group of Islamic assailants who local witnesses described as “Moroccan teenagers.” San Juan is an ancient tradition welcoming the summer season. Celebrated annually, revelers come out from towns across Spain to mark the occasion, which will now forever be marred by horrific memories for the young girl.

The Muslim migrants were not prepared to stop with the brutal gang-rape of the 13-year-old, though. As soon as they finished with her, they sought out a second victim, another young girl. This time, they wouldn’t get so far, as the child’s father was nearby and keeping a watchful eye over his daughter. As soon as the violent Muslims began to go after her, he stopped them in their tracks and made sure they would pay for their debauchery.

The initial assault happened on the beach before the gang made their way through Cabo de las Huertas – a high-end area in Alicante – to carry out more attacks.

The father of the second girl stopped the rampage and called the police, leading to arrests. [Source: Daily Mail]

“Several shouts were heard and in a few minutes the police were already in the area,” recounted one witness to the terrifying seen. “I could see several children sitting together on a police motorcycle. Several people said that in addition to attacking the girls, they also stole mobile phones.”

“The police arrived and the boys were detained. Several people said they were between 13 and 15 years old,” another witness told The Olive Press. “They looked like they were Moroccans.”

Sadly, Europeans can no longer gather together for large celebrations the way they used to be able to do in relative safety. These occasions have become an easy target for un-vetted radicals who liberal governments throughout Europe have allowed to infiltrate Western society. The strict gun laws in these countries do not help matters, either.

The best thing the United States can do at this point is to take heed of what is happening in countries like Britain, Spain, Sweden, and Germany, just to name a few. It is time to close our borders to those who do not share our values and would seek to do our native citizens harm. It is high time to put the safety and well-being of Americans before what is considered “politically correct.”