Greg Gutfeld Just Outed Reason Why Obama Did Nothing To Stop Russian...

Greg Gutfeld Just Outed Reason Why Obama Did Nothing To Stop Russian Hacking


Democrats keep trying to make a big stink over allegations that Vladimir Putin’s regime in Russia interfered with the 2016 American presidential election, supposedly with the intention of swaying votes over to Republican Donald Trump.

The Democrats were just embarrassed, however, when it was revealed that then-President Barack Obama knew about suspicions of Russian hacking before the election, but did nothing to stop it. Many have speculated about the reason why Obama chose to take no action, but Fox News host Greg Gutfeld just came up with one reason that seems like the most plausible.

Stated Greg on a recent broadcast of Fox News’ The Five, “Here’s the reason why Obama didn’t say anything, okay? He didn’t want to look like a fool for dismissing the Russians when he mocked [Mitt] Romney over it.”

Continued Gutfeld, “Obama’s really good on the small things. He appears presidential, sophisticated, eloquent, but he’s wrong on the big things. He doesn’t understand our adversaries. He didn’t understand Russia at the time and he was embarrassed by it and he should be embarrassed for what he did to Mitt Romney.”

Greg said this scenario was not unlike the rise of ISIS, who Obama dismissed at the time as just being like “a jayvee team.” Stated Gutfeld about clueless Obama, “He may be a president that will be remembered for letting the varmints overtake the yard.” Do you think Greg Gutfeld is right about Obama and Russia? Watch below: