Idaho GOP Argues The Democratic Party Is A Terrorist Group, Do You...

Idaho GOP Argues The Democratic Party Is A Terrorist Group, Do You Agree?


Richard Larsen is a writer for The Idaho State Journal, and he has developed a reputation as one of our country’s most provocative and insightful conservative political thinkers. He recently contributed an article to Western Journalism where he asked a very serious and timely question.

Stated Larsen in his opinion piece titled “Should the Democratic Party Be Classified as a Terrorist Group?”, “The objective of terrorism is ‘the use of violent acts to frighten the people as a way of trying to achieve a political goal.’ As the FBI explains on its website, terrorists are not just Islamic jihadists but can also be ‘homegrown violent extremists who may aspire to attack the United States from within. The terrorist threat against the United States remains persistent and acute, and preventing terrorist attacks is the FBI’s top priority.’”

Richard opined, “The bureau may want to start monitoring more closely the extremist fringes and membership of the Democratic Party, and the mainstream media who foment and seemingly encourage violence against those who believe differently from themselves.

Larsen referenced The Daily Caller, which has kept a running tally of violent acts by leftists against conservatives. One report stated, “FBI agents arrested a person for threatening to shoot Republican Rep. Martha McSally over her support for Trump. Police in Tennessee charged a woman for allegedly trying to run Republican Rep. David Kustoff off the road. A former professor was arrested after police said they identified him on video beating Trump supporters with a U-shaped bike lock, leaving three people with ‘significant injuries.’”

Richard concluded, “The liberal extremist terrorism is arguably more destructive to the nation than Islamic-extremist terrorism is, for it’s entirely homegrown and is rending our social fabric, pitting neighbor against neighbor solely on the basis of political differences. Such bigotry represents the ultimate intolerance toward people who are different, and is an affront to the principles of liberty and of free speech and association that our republic was founded upon.” Do you think Larsen’s controversial assertion is correct, or did he go too far?