Student Sentenced to Jail for Registering Dead People to Vote Democrat

Student Sentenced to Jail for Registering Dead People to Vote Democrat


A Virginia man has been sentenced to 100 to 120 days in jail after pleading guilty to voter fraud by registering dead people as Democrat voters.

Andrew J. Spieles, 21, worked for Harrisonburg Votes, a Democratic Party-affiliated organization, when he committed his federal crimes.

Spieles, a 21-year-old student at James Madison University, was discovered after someone saw the name of a man he knew was dead on a voter registration form and called the police, CBS-WVTR reported.

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Spieles later admitted that he falsified voter registration applications to help a co-worker hit a registration “quota.” Andrew registered at least 18 dead people as Democratic voters. Acting United States Attorney Rick A. Mountcastle detailed Spieles’ crime:

In July 2016, Spieles’ job was to register as many voters as possible and report to Democratic Campaign headquarters in Harrisonburg. In August 2016, Spieles was directed to combine his registration numbers with those of another individual because their respective territories overlapped.

Some [voter registrations] were in the names of deceased individuals, while others bore incorrect middle names, birth dates, and Social Security numbers. The Registrar’s Office learned that the individuals named in these forms had not in fact submitted the new voter registrations.

Spieles later admitted that he prepared the false voter registration forms by obtaining the name, age, and address of individuals from ‘walk sheets’ provided to him by the Virginia Democratic Party, fabricating a birth date based on the ages listed in the walk sheet, and fabricating the Social Security numbers.

The FBI also investigated the matter. While the incident may seem like a frat-boy prank, it is a federal crime that underscores the increasing concerns over voter fraud and the need for VOTER ID laws.

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After all, you need an ID to get a driver’s license, buy alcohol, open a bank account, apply for food stamps, get on an airplane, enter college campus buildings, and pick up a prescription. But you don’t need one to vote?