BREAKING: Hawaii Makes Treasonous Move to Deny Trump Power. CUT THEIR FUNDING.

BREAKING: Hawaii Makes Treasonous Move to Deny Trump Power. CUT THEIR FUNDING.


Liberals have not learned their lesson despite receiving a humiliating defeat at the hands of the Supreme Court.

Obstructionist judges in Hawaii have filed a court challenge against President Trump’s travel ban which was partially reinstated by a 9-0 Supreme Court ruling on Monday (via AP News).

District judges from Hawaii were among the first to rule against the original travel ban proposed by President Trump during his first few months in office.

President Trump signed two Executive Orders restricting immigration from countries designated by Congress–and approved by former President Obama–as countries which are a known sources of terrorist concerns.

The original travel ban blocked immigration from six nations that cannot be trusted to provide accurate information about their citizens to immigration officials.

The ban would have prevented the entry of all refugees from any country for 120 days. Other residents from the identified countries would also be blocked entry for 90 days while new vetting requirements were developed.

The second attempt at the travel ban was blocked by a Hawaii district judge who invented new legal standards to advance his opinion (can you say judicial activism?) and undermine President Trump’s authority.

Under the Constitution, only American citizens and those legally in the United States have protection under the Constitution. However, the decision of the judge in Hawaii extended constitutional protection to everyone the world over.

The judge justified his standing to rule on the travel ban by citing the hurt feelings of liberals and the potential economic impact of blocking entry from six poor countries. Luckily, unlike this judge from Hawaii, the U.S. Supreme Court has not gone crazy and reinstated a revised version of the travel ban on Monday.

Despite the crippling legal defeat, obstructionist lawyers in Hawaii are attempting to challenge the revised travel ban by arguing about the definition of close family members. Under the revised ban, residents from the six countries can receive a visa if they have an immediate family relation in the country.

Unless they are completely delusional, the liberals in Hawaii should realize their challenge is without merit and will fail before the U.S. Supreme Court like the previous rulings.

However, the purpose of the challenge is not to win the long-term legal battle, but to slow President Trump down and obstruct the will of the people who elected Trump.

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