WATCH: Trump Issues 2-Word Promise That Has Liberals FUMING

WATCH: Trump Issues 2-Word Promise That Has Liberals FUMING


If you want to get Democrats upset in a hurry, all you have to do is mention a form of energy that doesn’t involve solar panels. You could also crush them with President Trump’s method — brutal logic.

Thursday, President Trump spoke during an event about the energy situation in the United States, according to FOX News. During the event, Trump made mention that he wants to make sure that we are not only energy independent but that we eventually achieve “energy dominance.”  You could hear the steam sizzling from liberal ears when he finished that line.

Trump spoke about energy in a way that was easy to understand, approachable, and POSSIBLE if we all stick together. The president said that his administration is currently working out a way to increase our energy exports, AND to ensure that we are steadily becoming less dependent on energy from other countries.

In a speech full of power, Trump let the country know that this energy policy is going to create a MASSIVE amount of local jobs, and bring our nation unimaginable wealth.  Coincidently, our country NEEDS both jobs, and more wealth —  looks like Trump is still right on track!

During the epic presentation, Trump said, “I have to do what’s right,” regardless of how the protesters feel about his decisions. He is coming to terms with the fact that the media is on a witch hunt to get him, and he doesn’t even care anymore.

Trump knows that despite everything, the TRUE Patriots of this country will have his back and support his decision. We all know that he is making HARD choices that the former president was too afraid to make.

If Obama would have shown some courage maybe he would have been able to set a solid foundation for Trump to build on. Instead, Trump, the intelligent man he is, is building our energy policies from the ground up.

The president made note that the plan is to start exporting more liquefied natural gas, pipeline permits, and coal. The hard-working Patriots of this country have wanted this change to take place for quite a while now.

Democrats are going to continue to lie and bad-mouth to the President. They do not care that their claims of the environment getting torn to shreds are not only without evidence but also illogical. It is clear that they don’t care either. It is going to be just fine though, as these policies start to come out the changes will be evident. Before long, all of the nay-sayers are going to be changing their tune.

We do not have a timeline as to when these changes are going to start rolling out, but we are expecting to hear news on SOMETHING big in the coming weeks. America is finally on an upward path to greatness. Consumer confidence has not been this high in a long time. We can finally say that we are once again PROUD of our PRESIDENT and our COUNTRY!

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