WATCH: Trump’s Bodyguard Acts Quickly When Media Goes TOO FAR

WATCH: Trump’s Bodyguard Acts Quickly When Media Goes TOO FAR


Obviously, we all know that most of the mainstream media have gone downhill over the past couple years. Now it seems like they are acting more like animals than people!

The media caused big problems this morning while President Trump was visiting with the South Korean President Moon Jae-in. The media pushed forward like cattle trying to get a picture of the two presidents sitting together. Suddenly, a boom mic hit one of the lamps by President Trump, and his bodyguard sprung into action and grabbed the lamp before it was even halfway down. 

In the clip taken from the event, you can hear and see the media scuffling around in a frenzy. On multiple occasions, a woman keeps asking that they stop pushing because obviously it is a small space and there are a TON of people jammed in that room.  The media, as you can imagine, didn’t listen.

They need to learn not only to start telling the truth but show some manners. President Trump even spoke up and asked them to settle down, but they refused.

We understand that it is the job of the press to get stories and take photos, but give it a rest. When someone asks you to calm down — especially a president — you should just LISTEN.

Trump eventually said, “Wow, you guys are getting worse,” obviously commenting on their animalistic behavior. It should not be this serious for them. There will be chances to get pictures throughout the event.

The behavior of the media is showing part of the bigger problem in OUR country: restlessness. The Left is pushing for outlandish laws and acting erratically because THEY are restless that they don’t control the country.

The patriots of this country are restless because we are tired of having our freedoms robbed from us by the Left, and we’re sick of the lying, pushy, media, and we’re tired of people trying to corrupt our way of life.

We need to start speaking up and teach the media a lesson. They are getting out of hand now, and it isn’t going to be long before we see “Black Friday” style trampling just to get the first picture of a story. We are supposed to be a nation of kind, civilized people. You will never guess that to be true if you watch our media for just a couple of minutes. Things need to change, and they need to change NOW!

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