BREAKING: NYT Launches NASTY Attack On Trump, But They Forgot About THIS

BREAKING: NYT Launches NASTY Attack On Trump, But They Forgot About THIS


President Trump is the man. He really knows how to make liberal heads explode. It never ceases to amaze how many times he can repeatedly get them to take the bait. With a single tweet, he sends the media into a frenzy–exposing their lunacy and hypocrisy.

The New York Times is criticizing President Trump’s epic tweet in which he’s seen tackling the CNN logo, accusing him of inciting violence against journalists. But they forgot–they’re sponsoring the Shakespeare play that depicts Trump’s assassination (via Breitbart)!

That’s right, while they’re working themselves up over a two-second tongue-and-cheek clip of Trump wrestling with the CNN logo (on the set of WWE, no less), they’re funding a play that shows him being brutally stabbed to death! Unbelievable!

The creators of the play make every effort to let the audience know it’s Trump they’re portraying assassinated in the role of Julius Caesar. They even go so far as to give his character’s wife a Slavic accent like Melania’s. That’s SICK!

Meanwhile, the Trump tweet is nothing more than a cartoony bit of fun. The clip is an edit of Trump’s appearance at Wrestlemania 23 in 2007. At the event, Trump tackled Vince McMahon, CEO of WWE.

The now-famous clip places a CNN logo over McMahon’s head. This was too much for the liberal snowflakes to bear. Leftist journalists everywhere are crying that the clip is inciting violence against them! Oh please! Give me a break!

Trump is attacking a logo. A LOGO for crying out loud! That’s too violent for you? You cheer at Kathy Griffin faking the bloody decapitation of Trump. You cheer at his murder in the New York play. But wrestling a logo is too much for you to handle?

It’s exactly for this type of people that the term “snowflake” was invented. “Hypocrite” is also an excellent description. Democrats in the media actually want the public to believe they’re now in danger over this tweet.

Has Trump ever called for journalists to be attacked? He’s NEVER called for violence against anyone. But for the media, simply calling them out for their lies is an incitement to violence. How ridiculous! What about the real violence being perpetrated by Leftists all the time? Have they already forgotten about Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA), just recently out of the hospital after being shot by a radicalized Leftist?

What about the looting and destruction of property in protest to Trump’s election? They anti-Trump folks even set cars on fire! The media sure has a selective memory when it comes to violence! Did they already forget about all the police officers who were killed by radical Black Lives Matter thugs? Or about the poor white mentally-challenged boy tortured by black delinquents?

You won’t see CNN or The Times reporting on any of THAT. It doesn’t fit their agenda, their narrative. As long as they can keep blaming other people for their problems, they will continue singing the same old tune.

We Trump supporters are with our President completely! We’re glad he has a sense of humor. It’s good to be able to laugh a bit when you’re in the process of making this country great again! Go, Trump! Makes those liberal tears flow!

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