BREAKING: Trump Makes MAJOR Independence Day Announcement – Liberals HATE IT

BREAKING: Trump Makes MAJOR Independence Day Announcement – Liberals HATE IT


President Trump recently gave his very first Independence Day speech this past Saturday in front of crowds of civilian and military families. Now he’s made an announcement about his plans for the day, and liberals are not going to be very happy.

The Washington Examiner reports that President Trump is going to spend Independence Day at the White House with some of our fine military and their families for a night that they will never forget. The traditional dinner and festivities go back decades, and now we have a REAL reason to celebrate. Our country is finally back on the path to being GREAT again!

Their day is going to start out on the South Lawn for a picnic and time to sit outside and enjoy the weather. It is going to be an amazing occasion, and there are, without a doubt, going to be tales told from the brave soldiers attending the event.

After the picnic, everyone is going to gather on top of the Truman Balcony to get ready for the fireworks as dusk approaches. It is times like this that show how far we have come as a country, and how much work we still have yet to do.

Personally, we are hoping to see great coverage of heartwarming stories about veterans from around the country. Call it a hunch, but we have a feeling the mainstream news outlets are going to be using this occasion to ramble about talks of impeachment and treason.

It is pathetic that these people cannot get together for ONE day and honor our country. We should all be proud to be Americans and to celebrate each other on our Independence Day.

Instead, there is going to be mud slung from the Left all day long. They are going to be upset if they are unable to get a reaction from the president while he is handling IMPORTANT matters.

This situation is an excellent example of how the media treats our veterans on a day to day basis. These so-called “journalists” would rather talk about the myth that Trump and Russia are working together than discuss all of the good things Trump has done for veterans everywhere.

President Trump has fundamentally changed the way that our veterans are cared for, and not a word has been uttered about it from the MSM. The Left should be ashamed of themselves. While we are celebrating our independence from Great Britain and honoring our military, these guys are going to be spewing hate.

Nonetheless, tomorrow, let’s all remember the good things that happened this year. We are finally becoming the country we always knew we were capable of becoming. Our president is the best person we could ask for, FAR superior to our previous-called “president”. Finally, we have those close to us to appreciate on this day. Happy Independence Day!

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