Check Out How Melania Treated Her Flight Crew After Unanticipated Issue With...

Check Out How Melania Treated Her Flight Crew After Unanticipated Issue With Her Staff…


First Lady Melania Trump has only been in that role for a few months, appearing in person in that capacity at the side of the president on just a few special occasions – dinner with the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his wife, International Women’s Day and the White House Easter Egg Roll.

For many, she is the mysterious beauty who is a dedicated mother, but to others, she is a former model born in a communist country who married a rich older man.

In fact, Melania is an intensely private person who doesn’t seek the limelight – it finds her, but when it does she fills her role with an elegance not seen since the likes of Nancy Reagan and Jacqueline Kennedy.

Whether she is holding the Bible at her husband’s inauguration or descending the stairs of Air Force One, the camera shifts from the president to the first lady, but she has been reluctant to actively draw attention to herself – until now.

The Trumps made the decision that Melania and their 10-year-old son, Barron, would stay in New York so he could finish the school year, while the president lived in the White House working in the Oval Office.

But with his first trip abroad, President Trump may have been remembering the famous quip of another president who, in 1961 told the press, I do not think it altogether inappropriate for me to introduce myself. I am the man who accompanied Jacqueline Kennedy to Paris.”

But there is more to the nation’s first lady than her unerring fashion sense and gracious demeanor that seems just at ease shaking hands with the king of Saudi Arabia and speaking with Pope Francis as visiting with sick children in an Italian hospital.

Today, in a gesture that demonstrates her pride in being an American citizen and her appreciation of the military, First Lady Melania sent the rare tweet – a photograph of herself with the Army flight crew that has the responsibility for transporting her to meetings and events.

The photo showed Melania posing with four proud Army fliers in front of Marine One.

Mrs. Trump is not the first foreign-born first lady.

John Quincy Adams, the sixth president, son of Founding Father and second president John Adams, married a Londoner, Louisa who was first lady from 1825 to 1829.