The Trumps Just Rushed Out Of D.C. After What Was Found Outside...

The Trumps Just Rushed Out Of D.C. After What Was Found Outside The White House Last Night


The Trumps celebrated their first Independence Day yesterday at the White House with a huge event hosting hundreds of people on the lawn. The day was expected to be a particularly volatile Fourth of July considering the incensed left and the culture of hate they’ve created and their public vow to make the “Republican” holiday a “living hell.” At the conclusion of the patriotic celebration at the People’s House was a shocking find on the north side of the White House and now Donald and Melania have rushed out of Washington, D.C.

This July Fourth was particularly monumental considering it the’s first Independence Day since conservatives got their country back and a leader in office who has given Americans more reason to celebrate. This also makes it a special target day for various kinds of terrorists who vowed to make this long weekend a “living hell.” The incensed left wants to take advantage of people celebrating our country made better under President Donald Trump by practically becoming terrorists themselves.

Despite their threats and hate, the Trumps showed their sincere appreciation yesterday for the brave people who defend our freedom by hosting military families as the special guests of honor. Hosting these special people who deserve to be recognized on this day was something that Trump’s predecessor would have never done, choosing to host rappers instead of American heroes. The president also did something else last night that’s never been seen before because of what Barack Obama refused to do for eight consecutive years.

Earlier in the day, Trump pledged his “unwavering support” to our country’s heroes in a moving 4th of July speech to the families in attendance yesterday. “Each of you here today represents that rare combination of patriotism, virtue and courage,” he said to the crowd, Daily Mail reported. “At this moment your brothers and sisters in arms are posted around the globe, fighting our enemies and standing watch to protect our nation, they are fighting for us,” he continued. “We are thanking them, praying for them and saluting them for their selfless sacrifice.” Trump ended in with a pledge of his “unwavering support,” promising our troops and their families he would “always have your back.”

Before rushing out of Washington, D.C. this morning on a state trip to Poland, Donald and Melania ended the nation’s birthday with a huge surprise on the north side of the White House last night. Just a couple days after announcing that he wouldn’t be recognizing gay pride month like Obama did, who regularly illuminated the White House in rainbow lights, President Trump lit it up in red, white, and blue instead.

A photo of the beautifully patriotic sight appeared on Trump’s official Instagram page, but strangely nowhere else. Despite the immense amount of coverage and photography when Obama lit the White House up for gay pride month, mainstream news outlets seem to have completely, or perhaps purposely overlooked this incredible scene.

The photo was posted with a simple hashtagged message, “#HappyIndependenceDay  #USA #July4th #MAGA,” and well received on his page by thousands of people proud of our president and excited to see the White House great again in our flag’s colors. However, his detractors crawled out of their holes to show they hate not only for him, but our country too simply for lighting the house in red, white, and blue and not the rainbow colors for gay pride.

“That’s sick,” one irrelevant individual said who is somehow repulsed by patriotism but probably still prefers living in America over anywhere else in the world he’s welcome to move to. Another commenter remarked that Obama is a better man for honoring gays and not America on her birthday. “Why didn’t you do rainbow for Pride month? Obama did. He’s such a bigger man than you!,” the Instagram user wrote.

Obama was the president of the greatest nation in the world and rather than showing his patriotism on the People’s House, he showed that he put a higher priority on people’s sexual preferences. We have a true American in office and representing our country well around the world as the people of Poland are excited to welcome him in a few hours from now. It’s nice to have a leader who loves the U.S.A and shows it on the White House.