Trish Regan Just Said Something Controversial What We Should To To Kim...

Trish Regan Just Said Something Controversial What We Should To To Kim Jong Un


The situation between the United States and rogue state North Korea has been heating up recently, with North Korea’s deranged dictator Kim Jong Un touting his failed state’s nuclear program and performing ballistic missile tests literally aimed at provoking the United States’ anger.

The United States’ main problem with countering North Korea is the fact that it operates under the clear protection of China, which is both a major trading partner of our country while being at times a very large-scale geopolitical adversary.

Fox Business News host Trish Regan recently appeared on an episode of Fox News’ Outnumbered, and gave her thoughts about what America should consider doing to Kim Jong Un, which sparked intense criticism. Began Regan, “There’s one other option here that we haven’t talked about.”

Trish continued, “I know you’re not supposed to … take out a leader because of international rules, decorum, et cetera, that we have. But if there is a way to get in and get rid of this crazy fat kid … then wouldn’t that do a lot in terms of saving a lot of lives here?”

Others swiftly condemned her statement, and said why assassinating North Korea’s leader would be a mistake. Stated analyst Daniel R. DePetris for The National Interest, “Unlike Iraq, whose military was demoralized and degraded by the Persian Gulf War in 1991 and by a sanctions regime over the next decade, North Korea is a nuclear-weapons state with ballistic missiles that have the capability to level Seoul quickly and target U.S. bases in the region.” Do you think Regan is right, or did she go too far? Watch below: