Lib Guest Says Something So Dumb, Tucker Asks Him “What The Hell...

Lib Guest Says Something So Dumb, Tucker Asks Him “What The Hell Are You Talking About?”


As the host of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight in his new time slot, Tucker Carlson has made it his job to bring in members of the liberal community, listen to their point of view, and then confront them head-on about why their perspective is flawed.

Tucker has had many liberals on his show who are poorly spoken and whose logic train is poorly reasoned, but he has never had to tell off a guest quite like he did recently with a Democratic operative named Brad Woodhouse.

Woodhouse, who formerly served as Democratic National Committee communications director and president of a Democratic super PAC, went on a long ramble about the speech President Donald Trump delivered in Poland. At one point, Woodhouse mentioned how Trump’s use of the phrase “Christian values” was somehow a “dog whistle to white nationalists.”

Asked Tucker bluntly, “What the hell are you talking about?” He added, “Let’s stop with the propaganda … let’s just deal with the text of the speech. If you’re a leader of western civilization you ought to believe it’s superior.” Tucker asked Bob if he considered sharia law and other such cultures were superior to that of the west.

Responded Woodhouse, “I can’t say that because I don’t believe some of the things you’re saying. I don’t believe that people are bringing sharia law into the United States. I don’t think the only people who are worthy of being American or being in western civilization are Christian.” Woodhouse then veered into his former territory, claiming that Trump gave “a white nationalist speech in public.” Shot back Tucker, “You know what, stoking the fires of race hatred with an overstatement like that will not end well at all.” Are you glad Tucker silenced this liberal?