Bannon Exposes List Of Hillary Insults He Used To Motivate Trump During...

Bannon Exposes List Of Hillary Insults He Used To Motivate Trump During The Election, It’s Great


A new book is coming out about Steve Bannon and Donald Trump called “Devil’s Bargain” by Joshua Green. New York Magazine released an excerpt of the book. The passage describes a list of insults towards Hillary Clinton that Bannon would use to fire up President Trump during the campaign.

“For Trump, Bannon’s distinctive vocabulary was another point of his appeal. Bannon gloried in the slights and scorn directed at Trump supporters, proudly insisting that elitist Clintonites looked down on them as “hobbits,” “Grundoons,” and — co-opting Clinton’s own ill-advised term — “deplorables.” Anyone who thought otherwise was a “mook” or a “schmendrick,”” wrote Green.

He went on to write how Trump loved the insults towards Hillary that Bannon would come up with.

“Clinton, Bannon would insist, was “a résumé,” “a total phony,” “terrible on the stage,” “a grinder, but not smart,” “a joke who hides behind a complacent media,” “an apple-polisher who couldn’t pass the D.C. bar exam,” “thinks it’s her turn” but “has never accomplished anything in her life” — and, for good measure, was “a f*cking bull dy*e,” wrote Green.

“Trump loved the dropped-jaw reaction Bannon’s ideas produced on cable news. “Throughout the campaign — long before Steve actually joined the campaign — he was active through Breitbart, but also by providing very important and unsolicited advice,” explained the author.