BREAKING: Is This Who SETUP Donald Trump Jr.?

BREAKING: Is This Who SETUP Donald Trump Jr.?


Donald Trump Jr. has been under fire recently for meeting with a Russian lawyer to hear important information about Hillary Clinton. It turned out to be a bust, but now something strange is happening.

Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer in question, seems to have set up Donald Jr. She was virtually unknown up until this point, and there seems to be a good reason for that. Information is coming up showing that she not only has close ties to the liberals here in the United States, but no one in Russia has heard of her! 

First, and weakest of the chains connecting the lawyer to the Democrats, is a picture shown on her social media page from December of 2015. It APPEARS that she is taking a picture of John McCain while in his office. That sure seems odd.

The Gateway Pundit revealed some startling information on this situation as well. There are pictures of Natalia participating in an anti-Trump rally. Why would she offer to help Trump Jr. overthrow Hillary Clinton with damning evidence if she was opposed to his father becoming President of the United States?

It gets worse than that though when you start looking at some of her social media habits. She is constantly sharing and retweeting stories that almost always look bad for Trump. One headline that she shared about a year ago reads, “NY Attorney General: Trump University a Straight Up Fraud Case.”

Ask yourself, what did she have to gain for helping Donald Jr. dig up dirt on Hillary? The answer is simple — she gained a chance to try and discredit the President by taking advantage of his politically inexperienced son.

It seems pretty obvious to us that this was all just an attempt to discredit Trump. If she had something important to say why did she meet up and talk about Russian adoption? It is almost as if she met up with him to SAY that he showed up and was asking about Hillary.

Here is where things get odd. The New York Times reported that the lawyer was with the Kremlin. NBC News, ironically enough, blew a hole in this story when they interviewed her.

Veselnitskaya is listed as a managing partner for a law firm called Kamerton Consulting. One question for you guys, where is the firm website? It doesn’t exist. You also cannot find a phone number, address, or email for this alleged business. EVEN IF there was NO website to be found, the contact information should be listed SOMEWHERE right? There should be some way to communicate with this firm when you need a case resolved.

Unless it is all part of the ploy. Right now that is how it is looking. The final piece of evidence comes directly from the mouth of Dmitry Peskov, Putin’s spokesman. When Peskov was asked about the fabled lawyer his response was that he “does not know who that is,” according to — get this — CNN! It is pretty bad when the fake news doesn’t even know how to spin the story!

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