Kellyanne Conway Just Went LIVE On CNN and Raised HELL! Chris Cuomo...

Kellyanne Conway Just Went LIVE On CNN and Raised HELL! Chris Cuomo is DONE! [VIDEO]


Counselor to President Trump, Kellyanne Conway, went Live on CNN on Monday morning to discuss various issued with CNN’s Chris Cuomo. Generally these interview segments last about 5-10min, but this debate went for nearly half an hour! Conway refused to let CNN end the segment with one of their lies so she told the truth every chance she had, and CNN panicked!

A big talking point was of course the latest Democratic-led witchhunt on Donald Trump Jr. allegedly meeting with the Russian lawyer. Cuomo tried to throw the entire Trump administration under the bus, but he FAILED once again. Conway was ready and armed with HONESTY!

Conway: “I admire your moxie — sitting there with that CNN logo right near you talking about credibility issues.”

Cuomo: “I could not be more proud to have that CNN chyron.”

Conway: “And I could not be more proud to be here representing the White House. You wanted to produce something [about Russia], because you’ve invested months now, as a network, in something that simply doesn’t exist.”

Conway goes on to personally attack the network and call them out ON THEIR OWN NETWORK!

“You’ve got to give the whole statement to be fair to him and fair to your viewers. You’ve got to stop chopping it off and trying to go viral.”

Watch a short clip from the morning’s exchange below and be prepared to LAUGH at CNN’s hysterical lies:

Let’s make this go VIRAL so the world can see CNN finally being CALLED OUT on their bullsh*t!

source: ustruthwire