Peyton Manning Golfed With the President – And Delivered a Message to...

Peyton Manning Golfed With the President – And Delivered a Message to Critics Who Said He Shouldn’t


On Tuesday night, recently retired NFL quarterback Peyton Manning went on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to talk about golfing with President Donald Trump.

Show host Jimmy Kimmel wanted to know how Manning ended up golfing with the president. “They knew I was in town. The White House called and said, ‘Hey, the president would like to play golf with you on Sunday, are you available?’ I got to tell you, Jimmy, I had a lot of people tell me not to do it,” Manning said.

Then Kimmel asked Manning who stated that he shouldn’t golf with the commander-in-chief. To which the former NFL star replied, “You did.”

Manning continued:

“I heard Arnold Palmer say one time if the president of the United States ever asks you to play golf, you do it, it’s a no-brainer. And it was a fantastic experience. Rode in the motorcade over there and I’ve never felt safer playing golf. We had 30 golf carts behind us. Felt safe, but he was a great host. He loves sports. And we passed through a number of groups. He was very gracious. He took a picture with groups that we passed through.”

Then Manning made it clear that it would have been “almost un-American” to not accept Trump’s invitation to golf with him.

Manning told Kimmel that he has played golf with President George W. Bush before. And that he would accept an invitation to play with Hillary Clinton or President Barack Obama if the opportunity ever presented itself.

Kimmel wanted to know more, though. So he tried a gotcha question on Manning: “Did he cheat? Did he cheat when you played?” Manning fired back, “No, I counted his strokes … he played it honest.”

Manning revealed that he played on a team with Trump, and they beat their opponent. He wasn’t falling into any traps to make his interview a partisan slugfest.