Trump’s White House Crushes Democrat Rumors About Their Favorite Socialist Dream

Trump’s White House Crushes Democrat Rumors About Their Favorite Socialist Dream


Despite all of the doom and gloom reports from the mainstream media – and the endless obstruction emanating from the Democratic side of the aisle – the fact remains that the White House remains hard at work on achieving the Trump administration’s goals.

One of the items that remains at the top of the list on President Donald Trump’s agenda is tax overhaul.

Trump has been pushing hard for a proposal that makes sense for all Americans, and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin indicates that progress is being made.

“Our plan is to have a full-blown release of the plan in the beginning of September, with being able to vote and getting this passed before the end of the year,” he said during an interview on ABC’s ‘This Week.’

As Bloomberg explains, Mnuchin has also thrown cold water on reports that the overhaul will include an egregious tax rate for wealthy Americans. 

The “objective” of the proposal is still that no one in the middle class will have a tax increase, Mnuchin said. “We’re finalizing the details of the plan, so there’s certain issues that are still on the table.”

Mnuchin said there’s no consideration being given to a plan reported by the website Axios last week that the top personal tax rate should be 40 percent or more. The idea was being pushed by Trump adviser Stephen Bannon, Axios said.

“I have never heard Steve mention that,” Mnuchin said. “It’s very clear, kind of, we have a proposal out there that the administration has put out, with a top rate of 35 percent where we reduce and eliminate almost every single deduction.”

As the mainstream media continues to froth at the mouth over non-stories, you can rest assured that the Trump administration remains focused on pushing forward with the president’s agenda.

While it would be nice to hear the media report on that, we can take solace in the fact that it’s incredibly entertaining to watch them squirm when real progress is made.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed that they’ll be squirming over a tax proposal that makes sense for everyone before too long.

Source: Bloomberg