WATCH: Judge Asks Little Boy 1 Question Before Issuing SHOCK Ruling

WATCH: Judge Asks Little Boy 1 Question Before Issuing SHOCK Ruling


Judges are usually seen as strict individuals who are no-nonsense all the time. Sometimes, a judge like Frank Caprio comes along and leaves you in shock.

It all started when a dad showed up to court for a ticket violation with his son; he thought he would be in and out. Suddenly, Judge Caprio called the father’s son up to the seat with him. Caprio then asked the boy what ruling he should give his dad a $90 fine, a $30 fine, or none at all — the courtroom was stunned.

The shy little boy pauses for a second and says $30. Everyone in the courtroom gasped and laughed at his cute answer. Judge Caprio then asked the little boy if he had breakfast yet, to which to boy replied no.

It was at this time that the judge came up with his ruling.  The judge said if your dad takes you out for a BIG breakfast I will drop the fine. Caprio urged, make sure it is a big breakfast though! I am saving him 30 dollars.

In today’s toxic environment with the hateful Left, not many heartwarming things show up in the news. It is nice to see such a wonderful story with a happy ending play out for all.

You have to give Judge Caprio props for doing such a beautiful thing for the father, son, and the community where they all live. He is a rare breed, that is for sure.

Judge Caprio has worked for the Rhode Island Municipal Court since 1985, according to USA Today.  Instead of a fearful reputation, he has developed something quite different. Despite looking like every judge that sits on a bench, his heart is in a completely different place.

He understands that we need to put our community first. The Judge listens to people when they talk and tries to put himself in their shoes. You have to understand, after hearing so many cases you would think you would lose some empathy, it has seemed to make his even stronger.

The judge also likes meeting and talking with the children of people who come in to get a ruling. His goal is to instill values and get them thinking practically from a young age. Caprio is an excellent example of the types of judges we need sitting on the bench. There is no doubt that he would be fair and ruthless if someone came in there for a serious crime, but the petty stuff he uses as a way to teach lessons to both parents and children.

If we had more judges giving LIFE LESSONS to the adults and children around our country we would end up with less whiney liberal snowflakes — that is for sure. These people might learn about something called responsibility, where YOU are responsible for your actions and behaviors, not anyone else.

A healthy dose of reality and a bit of kindness goes a LONG way. We would do well to remember that in our own lives and take a cue from Frank Caprio.

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