WATCH: Trump Spokesman Brutally Insults CNN Right To Their FACE, This is...

WATCH: Trump Spokesman Brutally Insults CNN Right To Their FACE, This is Perfect


President Trump continues to beat down the fake news apparatus.

Deputy assistant to President Trump, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, humiliated CNN live on air. “The amount of time you spend in desperation on a topic that has plummeted you to 13th place in viewership ranking across America — more people watch Nick at Nite cartoons than CNN today.”

“No. We’d like you to actually do your job.” Dr. Gorka added, scolding CNN.  “You aren’t in the news business anymore. You used to be. You are in the attacking President Trump business. And it’s sad. It’s really sad.”

Dr. Gorka appeared on CNN’s New Day” to defend Donald Trump Jr. from the latest round of attacks being launched by the mainstream media.

Yesterday, Donald Jr. admitted to meeting with a Russian lawyer in an attempt to dig up dirt on their political opponent Hillary Clinton. The Russian lawyer said she had information on illegal activity involving the Clintons.

The Russian lawyer had no connection to the Russian government and ultimately had nothing of value to offer the Trump campaign, but the mainstream media is treating this like the smoking gun.

Since Hillary Clinton lost the election, the mainstream media have been on the attack accusing President Trump of colluding with the Russian government despite a lack of evidence.

The mainstream media and the Democrats have staked their credibility on Russian involvement in the election. So, the fact that Donald Trump Jr. met with someone who happened to be Russian is being used as proof of collusion. However, Dr. Gorka is quick to point out that the Democrats did much worse.

Sure, Donald Jr. met with a Russian lawyer, but the Clinton campaign actively received money from foreign nations and worked with foreign intelligence agencies including Ukraine to coordinate attacks against President Trump. What Clinton did was much worse, but the mainstream media never covered her corruption.

It is clear that the mainstream media is in bed with Hillary Clinton and are committed to their witch hunt against President Trump.

However, these baseless attacks are destroying the credibility of the mainstream media. The people know President Trump is innocent, which is why CNN’s ratings continue to plummet.

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