Racist woman threatens military vet, his family on flight to Detroit

Racist woman threatens military vet, his family on flight to Detroit


When Air Force veteran Matt Marentette, with young family in tow, was traveling to Myrtle Beach via Detroit, it’s a safe bet to think he never though he’d encounter a trash-mouthed, vile Detroit woman.

Marentette, a Michigan native, and his family sit quietly and record while a woman, who has a vocabulary that can make the most vile of people cringe, rants after being told by aircrew she has to wait to use the restroom.

“This is my town — been born and motherfu%^&*& raised,” she proudly proclaims, “Detroit town runnin this bitch,” as Marentette’s camera keeps rolling.

In slang that would take a genius to decipher, she’s tells a plane full of passengers, “I’m going to go home and smoke me a joint…that’s what I do. Sh%&, I make $800 a week…do what you do.”

She notices Marentette filming her vulgar diatribe then tells him to go look up the word “Keazar” -which has no clear definition- but she knows because she, “knows her history boo boo.”

“I am a black woman, a black queen, a black motherfu%^&*& queen — you gunna motherfu%^&*& respect me.”

The coup de gras comes when Marentette responds directly to her about how she’s teaching his kids her foul language — this is when her eloquence really shines through.

“Yo kids gunna learn on they own, that’s what you white, racist motherfu%^&*& do.”

If you’re planning on flying the friendly skies, or a destination wedding to Detroit — you might want to make other plans because like the lady says, “it ain’t got sh%& to do with you.”

Last month, the passengers of a Delta airlines flight from Phoenix to Detroit -recorded by a different Air Force veteran- refused to wait in their seats while the body of an airman exited the aircraft.

source: popularmilitary