WATCH: ’60 Minutes’ Wanted to Prove Muslim Refugees ‘Peaceful’ – Blows Up...

WATCH: ’60 Minutes’ Wanted to Prove Muslim Refugees ‘Peaceful’ – Blows Up in Their Face


Liberals are trying to defend Muslims at every turn, even though they stand in opposite poles of the political spectrum.

They say that it is paramount to humanity to open the borders, turning away from the dangers it poses.

60 minutes, an American TV Show, which is mainly populated by liberals, decided to go to Sweden to show how Muslims were “harmless” and get the opinion of the population there.

What they captured, was nothing short of baffling, as their crew was violently attacked by the savage Muslims, proving our point right AGAIN.

In this video you can see the refugees trying to run the news crew over, punching and attacking the camera man, throwing objects, in sum, demonstrating how they are savages from the 1800s.

This is what happens when you allow refugees from Muslim nations inside your country, they attempt to take it over, they attempt to attack you, they want nothing but to overpower and conquer, that is their true goal.

They only respect Sharia Law, which tells them that they are superior to anyone that is non-Muslim, in their head, for them to kidnap and kill someone, it’s completely fine as long as that person is not a Muslim.

With content like this, we can show the world Islam’s true face.

Share the video above to show how Islam is a religion of HATE AND VIOLENCE.

source: worldnewscircle