Texas Woman Opened Her Door For “Crying Lady”, Didn’t See Who Was...

Texas Woman Opened Her Door For “Crying Lady”, Didn’t See Who Was With Her Until Too Late


A young Texas woman opened her door for a “crying lady” who pretended to be in distress, but she didn’t see who was with her until it was too late. Now, Fort Worth police have arrested two thugs for what they say is one of the most heinous crimes they have ever seen, and it’s time for them to pay.

According to local news source Star-Telegram, the horrific incident took place on Thursday, July 20, 2017, in east Fort Worth around midnight. The victim, who is in her mid 20’s, responded to a knock at her front door where a woman outside pleaded for help and appeared to be in distress. As soon as the victim opened the door to let her in, horror ensued. The crying woman was not in need of help, and she was not alone.

According to local news source WFAA, 44-year-old Marcellus Demetric Briggs and 40-year-old Frankie Lenette Kulemba forced their way into the victim’s apartment at gunpoint after she opened the door to help what she thought was a lady in distress. Police say that rarely has such a heinous crime been seen by the law enforcement community in Fort Worth.

After beating the woman for some time, Briggs and Kulemba reportedly raped her over the course of an hour. “It looked like she was just trying to do the right thing. And she was victimized for it,” said Robbery Detective Brian Raynsford. “What happened to this victim was not quick,” Raynsford added. “I imagine the emotional toll is going to be extensive.”

Pure evil would be a good way to describe Briggs and Kulemba. During the sexual assault, they bound the victim and demanded her property, including her bank card and personal identification number. The two thugs visited multiple locations after leaving the victim’s apartment and used her debit card. One of the locations was at a convenience store, where security cameras captured Kulemba on video.

Police released the footage from the security camera at the convenience store on Thursday night in hopes that someone with information on the two suspects would provide a tip leading to their arrest. The video also showed the light-color, older-model Chevrolet Suburban with paper tags, being used by the suspects.

According to a spokesman for the Fort Worth Police Department, anonymous tips from people who saw the released video footage led to the arrests of both Briggs and Kulemba on Friday, July 21, 2917. Both suspects were taken into custody at a motel in Grand Prairie, Texas, at 2 p.m. Friday, according to Officer Daniel Segura. Briggs had reportedly been convicted of four previous felonies in Tarrant County, according to court documents.

Now, these two thugs will pay a heavy price for the heinous act they committed against a woman who opened her front door out of the goodness of her heart. Briggs and Kulemba are nothing but animals who deserve to be removed from society permanently. Each of them is facing charges of aggravated robbery, aggravated sexual assault, and aggravated kidnapping. Although 1964 was the last year that Texas executed someone for rape, I think the Lone Star state needs to bring that back. Our prayers and thoughts go out to the victim and her family as they try to cope with this horrific incident.

h.t Star-Telegram