As Germany Continues To Welcome Muslim Refugees, Woman Pays HORRIFIC Price

As Germany Continues To Welcome Muslim Refugees, Woman Pays HORRIFIC Price


Germany has allowed a flood of refugees into their country in recent years, and they continue to do so to this day. Unfortunately, the horrific price a woman was forced to pay for her country being so welcoming of unvetted immigrants has most recently become a prime example of why such a practice is a bad idea.

Although the left has been bashing President Donald Trump since he enacted his temporary travel ban, he’s most recently been validated in his efforts. As it turns out, the heavily liberal-leaning country of Germany, which has been allowing countless refugees to flood into their nation, would show why – and it came at the expense of an innocent citizen.

According to reports, police were called to an apartment in Berlin after a rancid smell began to bother nearby residents. As one would imagine, police were horrified to open the door and find a partially decomposed body – but the worst was yet to come.

The corpse belonged to a woman who just so happened to be the girlfriend of a refugee. Only identified as Yve M from the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa, the man had only recently been allowed into the country. Cops would soon discover that the disgusting man had actually killed the woman by stabbing her in the stomach 30 times.

As if that wasn’t enough, Yve then “decorated” the woman’s body with stones, string, and feathers before removing the pinky finger of her right hand and her entire left arm. Topping it all off, the disturbed individual then decapitated the innocent woman’s corpse before leaving her body to rot.

Police have since stated that they believe that Yve killed the woman in some sort of sick “ritual killing,” but this is where things get weird. According to reports, officials won’t be charging the refugee with a crime but will instead be admitting him into a mental hospital.

Daily Star further explains, “Prosecutors are calling for the accused to be committed to a psychiatric ward as they believe he is suffering from paranoid schizophrenia and ‘religious delusions.’” Of course, this isn’t the first time a refugee has been let off easy. In fact, thanks to the apologists on the left, this practice is almost becoming commonplace since they don’t want to give Islam a bad reputation.

The fact of the matter here is that the safety and wellbeing of the country’s citizens should come first and foremost above all else. This woman died and it could have been prevented by properly vetting this man before he was allowed into the country.

Sadly, this common sense safety precaution is being denied right here in America as the left continues to fight against Trump, even though he’s trying to protect them. We shouldn’t have to have another 9/11 with another 3,000 dead Americans to acknowledge that there is a threat out there trying to kill our fellow countrymen. Getting ahead of something like this seems extremely beneficial for everyone involved – unless, that is, you too suffer from a mental illness.

source: conservativeangle