Terrified Little Girl Found Alone In Arizona Desert, Then Cops Make 2nd...

Terrified Little Girl Found Alone In Arizona Desert, Then Cops Make 2nd Shocking Discovery


A woman recently spotted a terrified 10-year-old girl walking alone in the extreme heat of the Arizona desert. When cops arrived, they rescued the girl from certain death but were horrified when they made a second shocking discovery.

Christopher Charles Watson of Kingman, Arizona, is being charged with domestic child abuse for leaving his daughter in the desert without shoes or water. The young girl was found alone, sobbing, Saturday morning in the 91-degree heat, parched and terrified.

The 28-year-old degenerate father claims that he and his daughter got into an argument so he decided to take her for a drive to calm her down. The NY Post reported, “He admitted to officers that he forced her out of the truck and left her shoeless in the desert.”

A woman reportedly called 911 after spotting a sobbing girl walking barefoot on the asphalt and took the girl to her house while they waited for deputies to show up. The girl said her dad had forced her out of his truck and left her stranded. She told deputies that her dad had bit her, and she hit her head before he sped away.

After being questioned by authorities, the young girl was taken to Kingman Regional Medical Center to get examined and treated. She was later released into Department of Child Safety custody, since her “father,” and we use that term loosely, abused her.

According to 12 News, Watson told deputies that he and his daughter were having an “ongoing argument,” so he took her for a ride in his truck to calm her down. He claimed to have waited 15 minutes before going to look for her but couldn’t find her, so he returned home. Deputies said Watson had been sleeping and smelled of alcohol. Watson admitted to dropping his daughter off in the desert on Saturday north of McVicar Avenue and Norrie Drive in Kingman without shoes or water. He allegedly forced her out of his truck and drove home.

It is unimaginable that this man can even fathom doing such a cruel thing to his own child let alone defending and making excuses for it. Watson was arrested for child abuse and brought to Mohave County Jail for booking. Now, both his daughter and younger son are in state custody.

This disgusting act, committed by a father against his own child, is horrifying. It is unimaginable to leave such a young, innocent child to fend for themselves in the scorching heat of the desert. Watson does not deserve to be a father and should be locked up behind bars for a long time to come. Now, thanks to his actions, his daughter and son will have to go through the foster system, only causing them more pain.

Hopefully, his daughter will not be permanently traumatized from what her father has put her through. It is a blessing someone ran into the poor girl before she overheated and had more extensive injuries or died. Watson is a drunken sorry excuse of a father who should never be in control of his two children’s well-being again.

 source: madworldnews