WV School Hires Muslim Principal Who Says ‘Sharia Is And Will Be...

WV School Hires Muslim Principal Who Says ‘Sharia Is And Will Be The Law,’ Parents Furious


A grade school in Bluefield, West Virginia is under fire for hiring a Muslim supremacist who thinks Sharia law will one day rule America.

Pratchett-Cline Elementary School may only have 37 students, but now all of these young minds will be corrupted by Muslim ideology thanks to its new principal, Bahar al-Haddaki al-Sharam Hakkam. According to official records, al-Haddaki al-Sharam Hakkam immigrated from Iran in 2008 just after Barack Obama was elected.

But before he came to America, he was the Imam of the Imāmzādeh Hāshem mosque where he preached that all non-Muslims should be converted by force and that Sharia law would one day be the law of the land in every nation.

“Sharia is and will be the law everywhere,” Bahar told a group of 5,000 Muslims in 1997, according to Breitbart News. “We will rip the throats of all who do not submit to the will of Allah.”

It is unclear why he came to America or why he would choose to become the principal of a small school in a predominantly Christian area, but we hope there will be no throat-ripping at Pratchett-Cline.

Parents are furious. “My 7-year-old daughter attends that school and I am just in tears every night,” 56-year-old Betsy Carbunkle told local news station WYSO as tears flooded her eyes. “I don’t know what to do. I’m so scared but I’ll go to jail if I don’t send her to school.”

“This will not stand!” said a defiant Wil McAfree, whose 6-year-old son attends Bible study every Wednesday and Sunday school weekly. “I will not have Islam shoved down my child’s throat!”

Calls to the Mercer County school board were not returned and a person who answered the phone at the school (she says her name is Susan) hung up when asked about al-Haddaki al-Sharam Hakkam’s intentions.

It is up to us real Americans to fight against Sharia Law, and that means making sure this monster doesn’t come anywhere near our children.

source: ourlandofthefree