Lib Reporter Just Said It Would Be Racist Not To Vote For...

Lib Reporter Just Said It Would Be Racist Not To Vote For Kamala Harris In 2020


Many liberal members of the media have a habit of injected the hot-button issue of race into every news story. Some have already begun to do so with the next presidential in 2020, even though it is still so far away.

A panel on MSMNC’s AM Joy discussed the possible presidential run of newly-elected Democratic Senator Kamala Harris, who is of mixed Indian and African heritage. Instead of assessing the California senator based on her achievements or her leadership qualities, MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson is already trying to frame her run for office around her racial background.

Implying that it would be racist to vote for a white candidate over Senator Harris, Johnson said, “When you’re a white guy, competency is not usually the issue — let’s just be candid — with certain kinds of voters. But this is the problem because, if we were in a fair, open America, of course she would be considered a great candidate. If she were a white male, of course people would be saying she’s the next Kennedy. But, unfortunately, we have seen with the turn of the worm over our last election system that this kind of person, it may be a while before Kamala Harris or anyone else like that can really challenge the national stage.”

He added, “She is a woman, she is a woman of color, she is a woman in an interracial relationship, she’s a woman from California. All of these things are going to work against her is she were to become a national candidate. And in addition to the fact that there will be comparisons — non-positive comparisons to Obama — which is, ‘Here we go with someone else who has only been in the Senate for 15 minutes.’”

Johnson later contradicted his own statement about voters not caring about competence if a candidate is white, saying about the next election, “A lot of it has to do with how bad this administration goes because I think in large part, you know, Obama got elected because Bush was so bad. People were like, ‘We’ll give it to a black guy now.’ I mean, literally, that’s how bad things got.” Are you sick of how some liberal reporters make everything about race? Watch below: