Bullies Learn The Hard Way After Being CHOKE SLAMMED By Supercop

[Watch] Bullies Learn The Hard Way After Being CHOKE SLAMMED By Supercop


A Florida officer is being hailed as “Supercop” after putting a pair of bullies in their place. After choke slamming the first obnoxious subject, the officer is able to keep him under control, restrain the other aggressor, and call for backup at the same time.

The entire incident was caught on tape and put up on Facebook by Darrell Lynn Tate II. The video starts as Sergeant Bryan Bingham was called to the St. Pete Beach in Pinellas County after Josh McMahan, 25, threatened fellow beachgoers.

Although it should have been a conversation between the two, the altercation turned physical, prompting Bingham to take down McMahan – which he did with an epic choke slam. This if course resulted in the large group of spring breakers to erupt in cheering after seeing what the loudmouth bully had earlier done.

However, it also brought about a friend of McMahan’s, Justin Lewis, 24, who attempted to intervene. Apparently he missed the “don’t touch a cop” memo his friend just got as he too tried to get physical with Bingham.

As Bingham was still on top of McMahan, he simply tried to get a belligerent Lewis to leave before shouting, “Back up!” and pushing him to the ground. Rather than do what he was told, Lewis got back to his feet and once again tried to free his friend.

Fed up beachgoers could then be seen kicking sand on the back of McMahan, as Officer Bingham’s attention was now focused on Lewis. According to Mail Online, “At one point the deputy, who was wearing sunglasses, can be seen straddling McMahan, holding Lewis down with one hand and calling for back up with another.”

Before long, others on the beach lend a helping hand to the super cop and assist in Lewis’ restraint as Bingham only had one set of handcuffs available. Both men were arrested and “charged with disorderly conduct and battery on a law enforcement officer.”

Video of the incident has been viewed a staggering 9 million times. The world could use a few more Officer Bingham’s as he is the exact definition of “supercop.”

source: Mail Online, ABC 7