Trump Is Ready To Order A Military Attack On North Korea ‘Within...

Trump Is Ready To Order A Military Attack On North Korea ‘Within The Next Year’


President Trump is ready to order a military attack on North Korea ‘within the next year’ following the statement issued from North Korea saying that they had a successful test of the missile able to hit US mainland.

Military sources told The Mail on Sunday that Pentagon officials have created a strategy to destroy the nuclear weapons facility within the mountain in the communist state.

This move could easily provoke Kim Jong-Un to start a war, which would mean stopping North Korea from creating and testing new nuclear weapons.

Experts in America are worried after this last international missile shot because they estimated that North Korea now can reach main cities in the U.S., including Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, and maybe Boston and New York

The North Korean dictator issued a warning saying that he can shot anywhere in the United States whenever he wants.

Pentagon as a response to this threat with a B1 Bomber drills over the Korean peninsula and live fire drills.

President Donald Trump stated that he will ‘take all necessary steps’ to make sure America and its allies are safe.

Now let’s talk about one important issue with this.

This is secret and classified U.S. military information and someone exposed to the public. We are not talking anymore about few leaks from the White House but about top secret information.

Now, these leaks are not just weakening the president but also are endangering the security of our nation.

Unless this leak was intentional to distract North Korea, it certainly jeopardizes our military actions.

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