“We Have Had Enough With Old Ways Of Thinking,” Gorka Reveals Plan...

“We Have Had Enough With Old Ways Of Thinking,” Gorka Reveals Plan Against ISIS That Liberals Will Hate


National Security adviser and ‘pit-bull’ Sebastian Gorka told Breitbart in an interview a new type of defense that the White House is working on. “We have had enough with old ways of thinking. The last 30 years of thinking have just been unimaginative. It doesn’t serve the U.S. purpose. We’ve seen about 7,000 people killed in uniform. We have to be smarter about it,” said Gorka.

The new strategy involves rejecting political correctness and assisting allies, yet refusing to fight their conflicts for them. “We recognized that this is an iconoclastic commander in chief. He is the first person in U.S. history who wasn’t a politician or a general officer before he came into office,” said Gorka.

“As such, the national security strategy will not look like the previous Republican or Democrat security strategies. It will be as iconoclastic as the president. There will be a prioritization of threats and mission,” said Gorka.

“It’s not diplomacy or war, intervention or isolationism. It is the full spectrum of options of statecraft with American leadership back. We jettisoned political correctness. We jettisoned cliché bi-polar ways of thinking,” Gorka explained.

“You are forced into a binary world. Either you have to be a neoconservative and invade other countries, or you have to be libertarian and say ‘who cares we’re going to be isolationists. This president explicitly rejects neoconservative foreign policy because he sees the invasion and occupation of other people’s countries as fundamentally un-American. Nevertheless, America is a force for good. Not as an occupier, but as a shaper,” said Gorka. For more information, read here.